Our Officers

As a Presbyterian church, New Hope is led by elders elected by the congregation. There are two classes of elders: Ruling Elders, whose primary vocation lies outside the church, and Teaching Elders (or pastors), whose primary vocation lies within the church. Together, the elders share responsibility for the spiritual health of the people, and serve them through prayer, counseling, and leading small groups. Teaching Elders have the added responsibility to preach, teach, and administer the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

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New Hope’s congregation also elects deacons in addition to elders. The deacons serve people in a variety of ways: they take stock of the gifts and talents present in the congregation, connect members with needs to others with skills and the time to help, assist members and people in the community who have financial needs, and maintain our facility and prepare it for various events.

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While the elders and deacons are elected and called to oversee the life and work of our congregation, much of New Hope’s ideas and energy come from our Ministry Teams – small groups of members who share passion, gifts, and talents appropriate to particular areas of ministry. These teams help ensure that every New Hope member feels connected and valued within the congregation, and that fresh approaches and creativity can flourish. Our Ministry Teams enable us to experience a great Biblical truth – that God blesses each one of us through Jesus, so that each one of us can be a blessing to others.