Deacons and Deaconesses

Rob Bartlett 

Rob was elected and ordained in January, 2017.  Rob epitomizes the path of servant leadership in the church.  For many years he served the church quietly and anonymously by overseeing set-up and break-down for Sunday worship.  Now that he has been elected as an officer, Rob’s ministry has expanded to include congregational care and fellowship.  He has seen and experienced the Lord’s power to heal and transform people through close Christian fellowship, and his desire is for everyone in the congregation to enjoy the same blessings.

Rob was born in Atlanta and grew up in a Christian home in College Park, GA.  He chose aircraft maintenance for his career,and received training in Aviation Maintenance Tech, includingboth avionics and Cisco network administration.  He has worked for Lockheed Martin, American Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, and US Airways, Timco, and Honda Jet.  In 2010 he left the airline industry to work in the engineering department of SonicAire here in Winston-Salem.
Rob’s technical skills carry over to his hobbies.  He has interest in antique engines (including tractors and steam engines), and antique lamps.  He loves motorcycles – both riding them and working on them – and has raced cycles professionally.
Together with his wife, Hannah, Rob is the parent of three children: Daniel, Robyn, and Ashley.  They live in Lewisville. 

Darrel Bolen

darrelDarrel came to New Hope in 2003 in a roundabout way.  He was living in Lewisville where he had been born and raised, but was worshiping at New Hope’s sister church in Lexington, Meadowview Presbyterian.  Darrel had started to study and appreciate Reformed theology, and Meadowview was one of the first churches he located that shared this passion and commitment.  The pastors and staff there were happy to welcome Darrel and his family, but also let him know about New Hope and its proximity to his home.  Darrel has been at New Hope ever since.

Raised in a Christian home, the truth about Jesus finally took hold in Darrel’s life in 1998.  He loves to study scripture and theology, but also delights in serving people.  Over the past several years, God has been deepening Darrel’s awareness that love, and not knowledge, is the true mark of a Christian.  Being a deacon enables Darrel to put what he learns into good practice through mercy and service.

Darrel attended Forsyth Community College and now works at K and V Heating & Air.  He and his wife Tracy are the proud parents of their daughter, Regan.  Apart from family, work, scripture and theology, Darrel loves movies of all sorts, and likes to see how good stories always contain threads of the Gospel.  He and his family live in Lewisville.

Terry Deakle

Like many people in the south, Terry was raised in a Christian family that attended church regularly.  When he entered 11th grade, he began attending a different church with an active youth group.  It was here that the message Terry had heard and believed for years became deeply personal.  The love of Jesus became tangible, and Terry understood and felt what he had often heard people say: that even if he had been the only person in the world who needed to be forgiven, Jesus still would have died for him.  Terry continues to walk through life in Jesus, knowing that he is a sinner but confident in Christ’s love for him.

Terry came to New Hope at the start in 1999.  He has served as a deacon here since 2003 and delights to see people worship Jesus through both music and teaching.  Being a deacon enables Terry to promote loving service that makes Jesus known.

Terry hails from Alabama.  He was born in Mobile and lived near the home of “Forrest Gump,” Bayou La Batre.  Terry says that he and his family were “almost ‘swamp people,’ but not quite.”  His years in Alabama gave him a love for the outdoors, including hunting big game.  He has never hunted alligator, though he would love to try!  In addition to hunting, Terry holds a passion for lacrosse, which he played in college and has coached as an adult.

Terry attended N.C. State University (BS Wildlife Biology, 1976) and Wake Forest University (MMS, 1981).  He is a Physician’s Assistant and has worked at Novant Health Clemmons Family Practice since 1988.  He has recently been joined at work by his wife, Mary, who is also a PA.  Terry and Mary are the parents of two, Courtney and David.  The Deakles live in Lewisville.

Joe Eskridge

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Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan was elected in 2016 as New Hope’s first Deaconess.  She holds a passion for mentoring relationships and hospitality, and loves to encourage New Hope’s people to share their lives with one another and with the visitors that come through our doors.  In addition to her calling as a Deaconess, Jennifer serves as New Hope’s Treasurer.

Jennifer’s family moved often, but she considers herself a “mental Midwesterner,” with Chicago being her home until moving with her family to Clemmons twenty-one years ago.  She first became a member of a PCA congregation in 1975, and has called our denomination home ever since.  Jennifer’s faith truly became her own during her college years at Taylor University (BA in Business Administration, 1987).  Although it is a Christian university, Taylor’s faculty and students hold a wide variety of viewpoints, and this challenged Jennifer to know what she believed and why.  Her education proved to be an excellent preparation for the workplace, where she had to live out her faith through her vocation.  Jennifer sees all of life as art to be presented to the Lord in worship, and meditates often on this verse:

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.  Whatever you do, work; at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord – it is the Lord Christ you are serving.”  (Colossians 3:17, 23-24)

Jennifer is married to her husband, Cliff, who works in the financial sector.  Together, they are the proud parents of three – Claire, Andrew, and Emma.  Jennifer has homeschooled all three children through high school, and for nine years served as the local director of Classical Conversations, a homeschool cooperative.  She works as an executive assistant at the Budd Group, and is an avid and talented singer, serving on New Hope’s worship team and also singing professionally with Carolers of Christmas Past and Uncommon Bond Band.  When she’s not working or singing, you can probably find her sewing dresses or banners for church.  She loves good historical fiction, all things Jane Austen, and Masterpiece Theater.

Mark McKenzie

Mark-1Mark serves as the chairman of our deacons.  One of the duties of deacons is to promote fellowship within a congregation, and especially, to “befriend those who are friendless.”  Mark embraces this part of his calling with great joy.  He loves to meet someone at church who has a particular need or interest, and then meet that need or interest, either directly or by connecting the person with others in the congregation.  This requires Mark to have a thorough knowledge of the congregation and its gifts.  He relishes being able to build relationships in the church in this way.

Mark first came to believe in Jesus in 1989, around the time that he married his wife, Gretchen.  They both quickly became members at Redeemer Presbyterian in Winston-Salem, and then joined the New Hope church plant group in 1999.  Being part of New Hope made sense, as Mark and Gretchen had purchased a home in Advance within a year of getting married.  They continue to live in this home, where they have raised four children:  Caitlyn, Kyle, Madeline and Clayton.

Born in Baltimore, MD, Mark was raised in Winston-Salem.  He attended college briefly in New Mexico before completing his degree at Appalachian State University in 1985.  Mark works as a tool and die / moldmaker, and when not at his job, he pursues several hobbies, including blacksmithing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and gardening.

Greg Stiling

Greg-1For many years, Greg has pursued opportunities to volunteer for both missions and disaster relief efforts.  Being a deacon enables him to serve in many of the same ways here at New Hope, providing help to the congregation and to members of the community as needs arise.  In addition to this, Greg volunteers as a vocalist and loves leading the congregation in praise and worship.

Born into a Christian home, Greg was taught about Jesus through his family, his church, and Young Life Ministries.  He came to embrace Jesus and pursue him as a disciple while attending a Billy Graham crusade in 1972.  Since then, Greg and his wife, Chris have maintained an avid interest in Young Life, as well as Christian missions and missions aviation programs.

Greg was born in California but later moved with his family to Ohio.  He attended Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH (BA, Geography) before enrolling at Miramar College in San Diego (AA, Aviation Technology).  He entered the aviation field and has worked for several different airlines and airline service companies.  Currently he serves as a Quality Engineer for TIMCO Aerosystems in Wallburg.  Greg and Chris live in Davie County and are the parents of four grown boys, Benjamin, Daniel, Timothy and Joel, and the proud grandparents of four beautiful grandchildren, Lillian, Asher, Wesley & Finley.  His hobbies include viticulture (in which he has an associates degree), swimming, hiking, and visiting his sons and their families.

Judy Wilkins

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