Sunday Preview for June 24

Published June 22, 2018 by John Lindsay in Sunday Preview

Any number of unpleasant things can befall us in this world – sickness and disability, fires, car accidents, untimely deaths. To protect ourselves and our families from the consequences of these events, we connect ourselves to insurance companies. We pay them a small amount each month, and when something bad happens, they pay us what we need to cover costs and move on.

Our passage this Sunday, 1 John 5:18-21, shows us how being connected to Jesus protects us from threats we face in this fallen world. However, being connected to Jesus is unlike being connected to an insurance company. Jesus protects us from very different and more deadly threats than our insurance companies cover – threats we may not consider serious, or even know exist.

Come to worship this Sunday and connect with Jesus, along with your brothers and sisters. Listen to him warn you about the dangers you face, instruct you in how to avoid them, and assure you that because of him, you can be confident of victory.

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