Sunday Preview for March 17, 2019

Published March 15, 2019 by John Lindsay in Sunday Preview
Sloth – when laziness kills the desire for spiritual life

For the second Sunday of Lent we will continue to explore what’s NOT in the Kingdom of God.  Our passage, Mark 9:42-50, focuses on the sin of sloth.  Sloth has no place in the Kingdom of God.

Sloth is not the same thing as laziness, though laziness often results in sloth.  Sloth is a lack of zeal for the things of God, a satisfaction with the state of our souls and the world that causes us to settle for far less than what God offers and commands.

Sloth afflicts those who are drawn to sin or have grown weary in their struggle against sin.  Chances are that you’ve been in one of those camps before.  Maybe both?  Maybe even this week? 

Come Sunday and be awakened and rejuvenated by the voice of Jesus!

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