Pursuing Membership

Why Membership?

At New Hope, we believe that formal membership in a local church is both Biblical and practical.

How is it Biblical?

Membership is a tangible step of obedience to Jesus’ command that we identify with him publicly (Mark 8:38). Membership is also a tangible step towards Jesus’ goal that all of his followers would be united together in love (John 17:20-23).

How is it Practical?

_DSC1912Membership acknowledges what the Apostle Paul wrote concerning Christians – that they form “one body with many members” (1 Corinthians 12:12). Just as the different parts of the human body depend on one another, so it is with the body of Christ. Each Christian is gifted by God to serve the common good of the body, which is the church. Each Christian in turn, in order to reach their full potential, needs the ministry of everyone else in the body. For this to move from being a theory to a living experience, it is necessary to commit to a local congregation of Christ’s church.

Membership Classes:

The first step towards membership at New Hope is to take part in Discovering New Hope.  This single session class is held at the church three times a year (fall, winter, and spring) on a Friday evening from 6 PM – 8:30 PM (dinner is provided). Discovering New Hope will give you a full understanding of the congregation’s history, vision, and values. It will also help you decide whether God is calling you to commit here, and if so, how He may be preparing you for some form of service or ministry.

For more information, or if you would like to take part in the next Discovering New Hope class, just click here to use our web contact form and let us know of your interest: